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guys i just downloaded angry birds for ipad. see you in a few years hours.

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OMG GUYS why didn’t share this earlier, this is what i woke up to this afternoon. thank you many thanks and thank.

SO because 100 was my tumblr goal, i’ve decided to do a thing for u guys. ill draw something but god i dunno what to draw so idk leave me some requests or promps in my ask and maybe ull inspire me. id like that.

AND TO ALL MY NEW FOLLOWERS: id like to let u know i luv u so if ur ever bored or stressed or just want someone to talk to plz message me and i will be more than willing to talk because lets face it its not like i have anything better to do anyway. inbox and submit are always open and if we mutual follow fanmail thingy is cool too. ENJOY UR STAY AND GOD IF MY BLOG GETS BORING FOR U PLZ DONT HESITATE TO UNFOLLOW BECAUSE I DO IT TOO U KNOW AND IF IM MAKING UR LIFE SUCK I DONT WANT THAT, U NEED TO BE FREE.

that is all. see u all on the bridge.

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oh, you wanted the demons exorcised…i thought you said exercised…we’ve been doing yoga for the last week…

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So yeah… I found the Star Trek script and this little gem was buried away in it.

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how do i tell my cat she’s adopted

wait til a frost giant grabs her paw and she turns blue.

im sure this makes sense to some fandom somewhere

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sooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

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there is nothing greater than zachary quinto moping on the sofa eating a huge tub of ice cream

like this is how i imagine spock copes when he’s fallen out with kirk


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Guys wut the actual fuck.

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my cousin asked me what my favorite season was and i said “of what” and i just

it’s frightening how long it took me to figure out what was wrong with that response

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